Muntu Slams Museveni Over Lack of Succession Plan

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Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) presidential candidate, retired Maj. Gen. Mugisha Gregory Muntu has castigated President Museveni for failing to groom a leader to succeed him after spending over 34 years in power, Chimp Corps report.

Muntu told his supporters in Mayuge district this past Sunday that it will be a great misfortune if voters entrusted president Museveni with power on January 14.

“For the last 34 years, you have been leading a party and you fail to get a leader who can take over after you? It means that you failed to create a situation that could lead to the birth of new leaders,” he said.

Muntu was responding to President Museveni’s recent remarks that he would only leave power when he identifies useful and more capable leaders to replace him.

Speaking at a recent campaign meeting in Rukungiri Town, the NRM presidential candidate took a swipe at his former Bush War comrades-turned opposition leaders Dr Kizza Besigye, Gen Mugisha Muntu and Gen Henry Tumukunde, saying they cannot do what he has done for Uganda.

“If you failed to do what I told you, don’t bring your chaos by asking me to go. It is the voters to decide. But if I go, you who are useless when I am here and want to push you like a wheelbarrow (will stay). Let me stay since Ugandans still want me. I will go if a useful person comes and I see where to leave Uganda,” said Museveni.

However, Muntu wondered why Museveni could not identify a potential leader to succeed him.

“If you have a teacher who continuously fails to get children to pass every year in his classes, do you think that teacher is good or bad? What are you still doing with Gen. Museveni?” he asked.

In March 2020, President Museveni said he had no succession plan because the Constitution of Uganda guides on who should succeed him and how that person should be chosen.

“The succession plan is in the Constitution. You vote every after five years; there is no problem with succession. If I say I am no longer running, the people of Uganda will still vote,” Museveni said in a media interview.

The President also expressed confidence that his NRM Party “has got a lot of leaders because it is a party of unity which differs from DP (Democratic Party) and UPC (Uganda People’s Congress). The people [with potential to succeed me] are plenty; it is not my job [to mention them] but the people see them. It’s not for me to say [their names]. I don’t impose [my choice on others],” Museveni added.

Meanwhile, Muntu promised the people of Busoga region a revival of cooperatives to help farmers improve their yields and have access to a wider and sustainable market with better prices.

“Our industrialization strategy will ensure that the bulk of initial processing is done close to extraction sites and this will provide employment opportunities for the youth in these communities,” said Muntu.

“We agreed that it’s time for change. You need to come out in big numbers and vote for change on January 14. Museveni will try to subvert people’s will but we won’t allow him. We are determined and more than ready,” he emphasised.

Source – ChimpReports

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