Family: Kayihura has quietly been Campaigning for Museveni

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Former IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura has clandestinely canvassed supporter for his Commander in Chief (CIC) President Yoweri Museveni who is
seeking a reelection as President on January 14.

Museveni has ruled Uganda for 34 years, and 24 of which he has democratically been elected into office.

Kayihura was at the helm of Uganda Police for 13 years until March 2018 when he was sacked and replaced by his deputy Martin Ochola Okoth.

The former blue-eyed boy of the President was later arrested and Court-Martialed.

Among the charges he faced include; arming criminal gangs and allowing Rwandan refugees to be abducted and repatriated to their home country.

These refugees would either be killed or given life sentence by their government.

Intelligence also indicated that Kayihura had collaborated with foreign elements to build a power base in the military and also destabilize

However, Kayihura denied all the charges.

Until today he grapples with sanctions activated by the United States Government.

The former powerful army man, lives a humble life at his Kasagama farm in Lyantonde where he rears goats.

Several reports have in the recent part rocked social media about Kayihura redeployment in the military.

But it remains a rumour.

Covert Campaigning

Speaking to a close aide who doubles as a relative of Gen Kayihura and has been staying with him at Kasagama farm, he told this website on Monday evening that the NRA combatant has been involved in political campaigns.

“He has been mobilizing for President Museveni. But on low key,” the aide who asked not to be named said.

Kayihura hails from Kisoro district and a time of his service, President Museveni would score 90%.

“He didn’t not stop supporting Museveni but of course he couldn’t openly campaign. But he has quietly mobilized,” the aide added.

At a time of talking to this website, the aide confirmed that Gen. Kayihura was at his Kasagama farm where he welcomed news that President Museveni said he had forgiven him.

“He is happy about the news and he appreciates the efforts of reconciliation. What happened to him can happen to any person. But he is
glad,” added the aide.

On Monday while meeting the leaders of Kisoro, Museveni said he was forgiving Kayihura and he would also engage the army to drop the charges.

“Kale Kayihura, just like the (Kisoro LC5) chairman said; there are those who committed heavy sins & we forgave them,” Museveni said.

“So then why don’t we forgive him! Because you’ve asked and said he is our NRM person I will speak to the military prosecution to have him forgiven,” Museveni said.

Museveni’s response was prompted by a request from Kisoro District LC5 chairperson, Mr Abel Bizimana who asked the President to pardon Gen Kayihura.

On December 12, 2020, President Museveni met NRM leaders in Kigezi Sub-region in Kabale Town, but some leaders from Kisoro did not attend.

They said they wanted Mr Museveni to go to Kisoro to meet them because they wanted to tell him their grievances about the prosecution of Gen Kayihura and other unfulfilled pledges of tarmacking tourism roads, construction of John Kale Institute of Science and Technology and expansion of Kisoro airfield, among others.

Source – Trumpet News

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