Maggie Kigozi Calls On Women to Participate in Active Politics, Electoral Exercises

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Former Executive Director of Uganda Investment Authority Dr Maggie Kigozi has called upon women to engage in active politics through participating in the forthcoming elections.

She stated that women contribute a slightly bigger percentage than men in Uganda’s electorate and therefore, their engagement is of paramount impact.

“I think we are 51% of the population. So, our vote can make a difference and we need to be very careful with it. We need to know what it is that we want and what it is that we are looking forward to,” she explained.

She revealed that at all levels, women require dedicated and capable leaders to support them.

“We need them at LC1. That’s a critical person to help women like the LC1 woman who sits at the Local Council. She does a lot of work to help women in her community. When we move up, to the presidency, we need a woman and luckily, we have a representative,” Kigozi said.

She noted that women and mothers have a role to play in influencing politics urging the women in power, those with influential positions within government to make a difference, “say the right things and give the right messages.”

However, she pointed out, there is still a small representation of women in politics citing the lone female presidential candidate out of the 11 in the 2021 presidential campaigns.

Dr Kigozi also advised that women’s choices do not necessarily have to comprise of fellow women, “since some men are pro women too.”

“It is really critical that women participate in choosing the right leaders. I am not saying that all men are against women, you need to find a man that is for women as you look at who you are voting for. We know men who have been good, good to their wives and charity begins at home. We need to know who will be for us once they get out there into their leadership positions,” she said.

She further highlighted some of the challenges that women who take part in politics face.

“Often, our ladies suffer when they are trying to solicit for votes. Our culture was very patriarchal and it continues to be. You get questions like where is your husband? I am proud of the women who have stood up for us to be the voice that we get into parliament or at all leadership levels and to represent us,” she said.

Uganda’s general elections are slated for Thursday 14th January, 2021.


Source – ChimpReports

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