Mao Endorses FDC’s Elijah Okupa for Kasilo County Parliamentary Seat

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The opposition Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate Nobert Mao has endorsed Forum for Democratic Change (FDC’s) Elijah Okupa for Kasilo county parliamentary seat in Serere district.

Mao, who was in Soroti district on Tuesday, said although Okupa is not a DP member, he remains a pro change legislator.

“I know he (Okupa) is a veteran politician but I am sure he has to defend his seat still. He is not a DP. We belong to different religions so; I cannot baptise him. But I can bless him. So I bless you my brother because we are in the same struggle,” said Mao.

Okupa applauded Mao for always spreading the message of peace and peaceful change of Government without bloodshed.

“I am happy that you are here, and people must listen to your message. One thing I like about Nobert (Mao) is, he spreads a message of peace. I think it is one important thing that we must all embrace during campaigns. We are brothers and sisters. There is no need to insult, abuse, beat. We are all one. After 14th January (polling date) we shall remain one. I want to wish you well my brother (Mao),” Okupa said.

Mao who spent his Tuesday in Eastern Uganda campaigning for DP Parliamentary candidates, including party Secretary General Gerald Siranda who is contesting for Pallisa county, reiterated his previous comments that this election is not about promising effective delivery of services, but rather change of Government.

“This election is not about the usual issues. It is not about water and electricity, it is not about schools and hospitals. It is about changing Government without bloodshed. I am from Gulu in Northern Uganda. You know our 20 years of suffering. That should be a warning to President Museveni. We have got to have change of Government without bloodshed. That is what this campaign is about. So when somebody is talking about those other things, Ugandans want to see change without bloodshed,” he said.

Mao further noted that this election means what he described as “removing the system which is robbing from Ugandans and killing Ugandans.”

“It also means changing our mindset as Ugandans that we are the owners of this country,” he added.

Source – ChimpReports

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