The regime has plans to cause physical harm to my family –Bobi Wine speaks out on travel of his children, cautions immigration staff for sharing confidential travel information of minors with the public

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Presidential hopeful Kyagulanyi Robert Sentamu alias Bobi Wine has finally come out to explain his decision to fly out his children to Texas, USA ahead of the 2021 general elections.

In a long post on his official social media platforms, Bobi Wine says since he announced his bid to contest against President Yoweri Museveni his family has been living in fear and in the due course it has endured a series of challenges.

“My children have lived in constant fear over the past three years. On several occasions, the cars which trail us have been trailing them, even to and from school. Last year, there was a direct attack on a car transporting two of them from school, forcing us to change their schools, and try to strengthen security around them.

For most of this year, they have largely lived as prisoners; very rarely leaving home,” says Bobi Wine.

The NUP sponsored presidential candidate has however revealed that with a few days to the polling day, he received credible information from his sources within the regime of plans to cause physical harm to his family.

“When I received information of pending physical attacks on me, my wife and kidnap of our children, friends in the diaspora reached out to us, offered to host them for a while! That does not mean that me or my wife are any safer by remaining around. But our effort is to ensure they don’t kidnap one of these minors and try to use them to coerce us into subjugation!,” he says.

Bobi Wine asserts that the regime propagandists should be very ashamed that in a free and democratic country, nobody should live in fear simply because they oppose the government in power.

“In a free country, a presidential candidate would never have to wear a bullet-proof jacket and helmet in order to go for campaigns! That is the country we are struggling to build. Gen. Museveni should even be more ashamed that 35 years later, children have to yet again run away from their country over fears of vengeful attacks!” he says.

He also cautions the unprofessional conduct of the immigration staff who shared confidential travel information of minors with the public.

He says, “None of our institutions is independent. Every part of government is being (mis)used and abused by the regime, that’s the country we are living in.”

Source – Matooke Republic

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