In Pictures: Museveni commissions Refurbished Yumbe Hospital  

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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is securing the health of the people of West Nile as he commissions the newly rehabilitated and expanded 200 bed Yumbe Hospital.

The hospital has also been elevated to a Regional Referral status.

The expansion of the hospital includes: Construction of a new expanded OPD complete with Laboratory, Radiology and pharmacy, new Accident and Emergency Unit complete with a minor theatre and New Operation Theatre of 3 Operation Rooms up from the initial 1 operation room before expansion and 3 Delivery Suites.

It has New Wards: Maternity Ward (40 Beds), Female (40 Beds), Male (40 Beds), Pediatrics (40 beds) and isolation (32 Beds) and a Private Wing  with private OPD and a 26 Bed Ward.

The expansion involves the construction of 38 new staff housing units and an Interns Hostel for 20 interns, new refrigerated mortuary for 20 bodies, Remodeling of the existing medical building into expanded support facilities: Kitchen, Laundry, Stores, Maintenance Workshops, Gym, Youth Friendly Services and Meeting Room and Rehabilitation of all existing staff houses.

It will also involve supply and installation of new equipment of a complete assortment of medical equipment and furniture including and a Mini- Bus to be used for outreach programs to further bring health services closer to the communities.

Source – Trumpet News

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