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Recently, there was news that went round on social media by Mayor Ali Mulyanyama about his strongest competitor Moses Kalungi. In his interaction, he labelled Kalungi a political failure. Mr. Moses Kalungi is competing against Mayor Mulyanyama for the post of Makindye Division Mayor.

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Moses Kalungi, here is what he had to say.

“Fortunately, politics isn’t a job for me and should not be for any good leader. I offered myself for service delivery that’s why I offered my 5 year salary to the people of Makindye.”

My establishments speak for themselves. I am a local investor with a pool of businesses unlike Mulyanyama whose biggest achievement was working as a cleaner in the U.K where he was later deported. Mulyanyama is a P.5 dropout he cannot even conduct his council meetings in English. If minimum education requirements were enacted into law as a qualification for Mayors he wouldn’t even have been a mayor. He is illetrate!” This comes after Mulyanyama accused Kalungi of being a political failure.

We later engaged in a Q&A session with Moses Kalungi about various questions

Qn: You were once a mayor of Makindye Division, please highlight for us some of your achievements udring your tenure.

Moses Kalungi: During my tenure, We built the modern Makindye division headquarters and upgraded it from a ram shackled building that was surrounded by slums by buying the land where the slums where located.

We also created Makindye division mayoral gardens where mayors meet the community and where division functions are held unlike before where money was spent on hiring hotels to meet community leaders, these gardens also serve as a polling station todate.

The whole Kampala district had one grader (tractor) but it was during Kalungi’s tenure that Makindye division acquired a brand new modern grader which worked on upgrading several Murram roads. During my tenure, tarmacked roads in Makindye increased from the 18kms to over 85kms of tarmacked roads, notably is Katwe 1 parish where the entire road network was upgraded, abalangila abagaalana road, muwayire road, kalungi road, Lukuli road, ring road e.t.c

Hygiene was greatly improved where public toilets where upgraded from pit latrines to the moderns flash water based toilets. Drainage channels in Nkere Nabisaalu where worked on, trees and grass was planted on various roads and hence enhanced the scenery in the division. Garbage that had piled for a long period of time was also completely evacuated in several areas.

When it comes to health, We built Kisugu Health center 3 a facility that has greatly reduced on mother’s deaths during birth and also handled other grave emergencies. We also secured the land where Kiruddu Referral hospital currently has been built. I went ahead to surrender my official vehicle during my time to help to in times of emergencies such as funerals, transporting sick people to hospitals among others. During Eid celebrations and Christmas, I donated food and other necessities to the masses unlike the current mayor who is boosting after distributing COVID food which was totally a central government program. I had a bursary scheme for the division and the children that benefited from the bursaries have later turned out to be professionals in various fields.

We also procured the market land of lusaka and mubarak, kansanga nabutiti and so many others where markets have been built for low income earners.

Qn: Is it true you donated all your 5 year salary to the people of Makindye?

Kalungi Moses: Apart for Sir Edward Mutesa, I am the only leaderin the whole of Uganda to donate my 5 year salary to the residents of Makindye as well as adding in my own money which helped the people fight poverty by starting up several businesses like Boda Bodas etc. On poverty eradication, I even went ahead to promote SACCOS for women, youth and the elderly.From my numerous investments and contacts I was able to offer job opportunities to the youth.

Qn: Mayor Mulyanyama claims to have worked on all the roads is it true?

Kalungi Moses: During KCC mayors where directly responsible for the affairs of their divisions and everything was in their mandate unlike now when the central government took over the management and affairs of Kampala. I worked on the roads during my tenure by myself unlike Mulyanyama for example the lukuli road is being funded by World bank and the Uganda government yet mulyama keeps taking credit for that road construction which is an absolute lie. In fact in comparison with other division’s Makindye is the worst performing because other divisions have benefited a lot more from government and World Bank funded projects. Other divisions like Nakawa, Kawempe and Lubaga got a lion’s share.

Qn: Is it true that your tenure was filled with infights in the council between you and councilors?

Kalungi Moses: during my tenure we had a very active council because there was free room of debate unlike now when the available council has been completely dormant without even a Speaker. You can remember that Lukwago who was over whelming voted by electorates was also impeached from office in 2011-2016 by his councillors because of the differences they shared.This shows thar council meetings are characterized fights and disagreements but this happens for the benefit of the people. It is clear that my disagreements with councilors were for the benefit of Makindye people who voted me such ideas like buying land and construction of the division headquarters and buying a motor grader to work on our roads were important and I had to spearhead them.

Qn: Mayor Mulyanyama alleges that you pocket the money from the masts on the division headquarter building?

Kalungi Moses: Mulyanyama has mastered the art of defamation so he keeps making false allegations against me to try and gain cheap popularity and those are kicks of a dying horse. That allegation is completely false if he has proof he should come forward with it! I left the division 10 years ago so he should exercise his powers as a mayor to find out where that money goes!

Qn: We have heard rumors that Mulyanyama ate the money that was paid in compensation by World Bank for the Lukuli road. In your capacity as a senior Lawyer what do you know think about it? Mulyanyama alleges people gave their land for free?

Kalungi Moses: The laws of Uganda and particularly the 1995 Constitution under Article 26 provides that people shall be adequately compensated for their land if it is used by the government for development purposes so I I am very sure World Bank paid that money for compensation. I have also heard that Mulyanyama convinced KCCA that he was the best person to negotiate with the Land owners who were to be compensated, however after receiving the money from KCCA he went to make Hijja in Mecca, bought a chuck of land for himself and also took himself for a holiday to America in 2019 for about six months.

Qn: Mr Mulyanyama alleges that the youth in Makindye are determined to defend his Mayoral Seat what do you have to say about this?

Kalungi Moses: The youth have as number of challenges which mulyanyama has no solution for. All he does is sexually abuse the youth. There have been so Manu reports and incidents of women claiming to have been impregnated by mulyanyama in his offices. He doesn’t even offer them child support after. One notable lady is Florence who was a former maid to the late Harriet Kisakye a wife to Mubarak Kawooya. Another example is another lady called Nalongo Faridah a lady that gave  birth to twins for Mulyanyama. Faridah is a daughter to Nalongo Zimula of Kelezia zone. Mulyanyama is just a SEXUAL MENIAC who has turned his office into a lodge!






1st Degree – MAKERERE UNIVERISTY (Bachelors of Arts & Social Sciences)

2nd Degree – Uganda Christian University (UCU) (Bachelors of Laws-LLB)

Post- Graduate – LAW DEVELOPMENT CENTER (Diploma in Legal Practice)

Masters – MAKERERE UNIVERISTY (Masters in Laws-LLM)


Senior Partner – Kampala Prime Advocates.

Owner – Kalungi Estates Ltd

Owner – BKS Industries / Nalukololngo Industries (Manufacturers of Packaging Materials).

Owner – LEEDS Commerical Services Ltd (Micro- Finance)

Owner – Gulf petroleum Products (suppliers of Petroleum products & oil)

Owner – Kalungi Farm Namulonge (poultry, Fish farming, Haute-culture)

 Work Experience

Former Chairman Makindye Division 2006 – 2011

Member Board Of Directors Kibuli Senior Secondary School (2006-2011)

Chairman Finance and Administration KCC Football club (2001 – 2005)

Member Uganda National Chambers of Commerce

Member Uganda Manufacturers Association

Member Uganda Property Owners Association

Member Uganda Hotel Owners Association.


Source – BigEye.UG

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