Don Wanyama on deleted Facebook pages of NRM bloggers: You can’t plant a puppet leadership on Uganda by disabling NRM online accounts

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The Senior Press Secretary to the President, Don Wanyama, in a tweet on Sunday claimed that foreign forces have resorted to deleting online accounts of NRM supporters as part of their strategy in assisting the opposition in Uganda.

On Friday night, Renowned President Yoweri Museveni and National Resistance Movement (NRM) bloggers Ashburg Katto, Jennifer Fullfigure, Bajjo and Isma Olaxess among others lost their Facebook Pages. It’s alleged that the accounts were deleted by USA founded tech for violating Facebook rules.

Wanyama believes it’s an intended move to fail NRM and impose the opposition. He says NRM opponents are using Tech giants to suffocate pro-NRM voices in Uganda. However, he says it will fail as Museveni is indisputable.   

“Shame on the foreign forces that think they can aid and plant a puppet leadership on Uganda by disabling online accounts of NRM supporters. You can take away your platforms, you won’t take away President Yoweri Museveni votes,” said Wanyama in a tweet.

He called upon the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) to act accordingly on the unfair online treatment of NRM supporters.

“They should “unfreeze” accounts they froze yesterday and today. We pray UCC is watching and can act to ensure a fair digital playfield,” he said.

Source – Matooke Republic

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