Inside Rwanda’s plan to Aid Bobi Wine, Tumukunde to Potentially topple Gen. Museveni during Elections

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On Sunday evening, President-Elect Yoweri Museveni openly warned a “country in the region” against interfering in Uganda’s internal politics.

Although, Gen. Museveni didn’t name the country in the region, it remains a public secret that he was referring to neighboring Rwanda.

Museveni’s stern caution followed a number of arrests of Rwandan agents who were netted on the eve of the January 14 election.

Before the arrests, this website reliably understands that Museveni had received credible intelligence about the existence of this ‘Rwandan cell’ in Kampala and how the sophisticated ‘assets’ had made efforts to deal with two presidential candidates, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine and Henry Tumukunde to end his rule.

“There is a country in the region which has been sending agents to come meddle in our politics;’ said Museveni on Sunday night. “But we have been counteracting them,” Museveni angrily said on Sunday.

He further warned: “Foreign meddling will not be tolerated. We do not want foreigners interfering in our affairs.”

Museveni made all these claims in his acceptance speech as Uganda’s elected President. He will now serve for more 5 years until 2026.

Museveni, an NRA combatant who led a group of 27 armed men to liberate Uganda in 1986, exudes exceptional leadership qualities. Patience is among them.

Museveni speaks when it is the right time. When he has enough details, evidence to justify his actions.

Political pundits insist that to accuse this Rwanda for the second time, Museveni must be having credible information.

After his nomination on November 2, last year he also hinted on foreigners who intend to destabilize Uganda but warned that they will be crushed.

Not so long ago, Museveni wrote to his Rwandan counterpart and exhibited similar concerns of espionage activities sponsored by President Paul Kagame to destabilize Uganda.

Museveni, an experienced guerrilla fighter warned that Rwanda’s intentions were wrong.

Frosty Relations

Relations between the two nations were strained in 2018 and at the peak of the row, Kagame closed border, arrested several Ugandan in his country, kidnapped, shot and killed many Ugandan businessmen and todate a number of unaccounted Ugandan nationals continue to languish in Rwanda’s safehouses.

In Uganda many Rwandan security agents were arrested and detained and others court-martialed.

However, as a means of restoring the already spoilt relations Uganda released and deported a number of these spies.

No Rwandan arrested by Uganda’s security forces has so far been killed.

This website understands that the agents arrested on the election eve are yet to be charged.

Talks between the two Presidents aimed at amicably resolving the disputes between Uganda and Rwanda were suspended due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the region.

Gen. Museveni has for long assured Ugandans of guaranteed peace, a factor many believe contributes highly to his reelection.

Ugandans have consistently denounced violence.

Supporting Bobi, Tumukunde

This website learned that President Museveni received intelligence on how Rwandan agents had allegedly met his competitors Gen. Tumukunde and Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine aiming at disrupting the election and subsequently toppling the regime.

This is not the first time Rwanda has attempted to disrupt Uganda’s election. In 2016, there was a sinister plan to bombard Museveni’s chopper as he moved to campaign across Uganda.

Security sources privy to new information who wished to remain anonymous claim that its Tumukunde who brokered the deal and introduced Rwandan agents to Bobi Wine.

“It is these Rwandan agents who advised Bobi Wine to set up a UVOTE APP which he would use to announce his own election results,” said a source.

The plan was to use UVOTE to cause social media mayhem since Bobi Wine’s results would chip in before the official results from Electoral Commission.

Fake or not fake, these results would push a narrative that Bobi Wine won the election, which becomes too complex for EC to announce a different candidate.

The motive was to drive that narrative to instigate an uprising.

And backhome Rwandans had turned Uganda’s election into daily fodder on social media something that compelled internet users in Uganda to question Rwanda’s interest in our politics.

This website also learned that part of the deal was to smuggle in over 20000 satellite phones into the country which Bobi Wine and his team would use to communicate to each other in case government shuts down internet.

“What we know is that the satellite phones were smuggled in but few,” a source added.

This explains why Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi have been actively using internet and other social media sites during the shutdown.

On his part, sources Tumukunde said he had done enough mobilization at a time when he was Security Minister and that he knows which people to use when the “time is ripe.”

TrumpetNews understands that Museveni got wind of this intel before execution, a reason their master plan was foiled.

Gen. Tumukunde didn’t respond to our repeated calls, neither did he respond to our whatsapp messages to substantiate on these allegations.

Bobi Wine, who remains at his Magere residence under 24- hour surveillance was unavailable for a comment.

But sources further confirmed to this website that Rwanda wasn’t alone, but had backing of other foreign countries.

Source – Trumpet News

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