FDC’s Amuriat rejects election results but won’t go to court

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Since the announcement of the winner of the presidential elections on Saturday by the Electoral Commission, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President Patrick Oboi Amuriat has for the first time spoken to the media rejecting the election results that put him in the third place with about 3 per cent of the total valid votes.

Amuriat said that the election was marred with violence and mass interference from the security forces hence describing it as a sham and a total failure at democracy. He therefore stated that despite the loss, as FDC they will not challenge the outcome of the election in court as they do not expect to get any justice from court.

“We don’t expect any justice from court. Those who will go to court, I will merely laugh at them because that’s subjecting themselves to another election that has just been stolen,” Amuriat said.

He revealed that FDC will announce their next course of action in regard to the election results in two weeks’ time. However, the Electoral Commission spokesperson Paul Bukenya says the only recourse for those who dispute the election results is to use legal means.

Amuriat also said that FDC is still a strong party with a national character as the 32 Members of Parliament they are sending to the 11th parliament; they cover all regions of the country.

Source – Matooke Republic

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