Evidence: Hooligans attacking Buses from Western Uganda used Iron nails in Petrol bombs

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Security has seized boxes of well crafted iron nails which were found with thugs who attacked 4 buses as they entered Kampala from Western Uganda on January 16.

The invasion occurred at a time when the internet was shut down.

This is the same day when Electoral Commission announced Presidential election results in which the NRM candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was declared winner.

On this same day rumours circulated that Mityana Municipality elected MP Francis Zaake had been shot dead as he attempted to access Robert Kyagulanyi’s residence in Magere which until todate is closely monitored by security.

The criminals were sent to Kityala prison

Against that backdrop, over 60 hooligans erected several roadblocks along Masaka- Mbarara highway and vandalized 4 buses carrying passengers to Kampala.

These vehicles belonged to four companies which include Global, Platinum, Baby Coaches and Kasaba buses.

The drivers of these buses said the hooligans were in possessions of petrol bombs and other metallic objects which they used to cut tyres.

“These thugs put roadblocks in different points on the road. For me I was attacked in Masaka in Kako,” the driver of Global bus said.

Another bus was intercepted in Nyendo.

The other two buses was stopped in Kitemu a few kilometers to Kampala city. However, the drivers refused to stop prompting the hooligans to throw petrol bombs which exploded and released fragments.

Drivers sought sanctuary at Nsangi police stations were they given protection before proceeding to Kampala.

The sharp objects used  were later found to be iron nails shaped in a diamond form.

According to Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, the hooligans used the nails in petrol bombs and also to deflate bus tyres.

The driver of Global bus who survived the attack

But these rudimentary bombs didn’t hurt passengers or cause damage to property.

“These hooligans took to the road protesting the declaration of President and also the death of Zaake which was a lie,” Mr Owoyesigire said.

“But we arrested them.”

Most of the these criminals apprehended were Tuesday charged by Nsangi Court and all remanded to Kitalya until February 5 when they return to Court.

This is not the first passenger vehicles to and from Western Uganda are attacked.

A close shot of these nails designed for harm

On November 18, vehicles were vandalised and looted as rioters protested the arrest of leader Robert Kyagulanyi who was campaigning in Luuka district in Eastern Uganda.

Source – Trumpet News

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