Museveni wrong to Gather NRM supporters, says Lumumba 

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The ruling party Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba believes it is wrong for her boss to congregate his supporters in the middle of the pandemic.

Lumumba further distanced herself from the organization and mobilization of crowds whom President Yoweri Museveni met at different stopovers as he made his way to Kampala city on Thursday.

Museveni celebrated his victory in a grand entry into Kampala from his upcountry residence in Rwakitura.

However, several leaders and other stakeholders disagreed with the mobilization of these people without mindful of COVID-19.

“President Museveni shouldn’t have met people on his way back to Kampala at this time,” Lumumba said while speaking to NBS TV on Thursday night.

She said that as victim of COVID-19 she wouldn’t support the idea of rallying masses.

“I myself I suffered from this disease. I know what it means to have it. And therefore it is our responsibility to protect all Ugandans,” she added.

President Museveni didn’t not engage in mass rallies during campaigns due to the pandemic.

He held small meeting where health guidelines were strictly observed.

As government handlers announced that Museveni was slated for a triumphant welcome into Kampala, observers wondered if COVID-19 had disappeared after he won elections.

Source – Trumpet News

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