Bobi Wine: Museveni will be Out of Power in Less than a Year

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Former presidential hopeful Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi has said that his political adversary will be removed from power peacefully in less than a year.

Political pundits have perceived Kyagulanyi’s statement as a veiled concession speech he made while addressing MPs elected on National Unity Platform (NUP) flag at his Magere residence on Tuesday.

For 12 days, Mr Kyagulanyi a singer-turned politician better known by his stage name Bobi Wine has been held at his home by security forces.

Court ruled that the security siege was unlawful, and on Tuesday morning he was able to meet his MPs after the military and police vacated his residence.

In his speech, Bobi Wine maintained that he won elections with his 34% and that his close rival President Yoweri Museveni is illegally occupying the seat after garnering 58%.

Bobi Wine claims that his votes were rigged and he obtained overwhelming evidence to that effect.

He re-echoed his quest to remove Museveni from power using peaceful means and this will be done in less than a year.

While speaking to his MPs in vernacular (Luganda) Mr Kyagulanyi reminded these legislators that the people of Uganda entrusted them with leadership and therefore they shouldn’t forget their mission.

Kyagulanyi a first-timer on the ballot has made him Uganda’s opposition heavyweight following the absence of Kizza Besigye whose 20 years of struggling to oust Museveni borne no success by the time he hung his political boots.

Without participating in an election, Besigye said he would engage in plan B to overthrow the regime.


Source – Trumpet News

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