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Top Record label’s Pine Avenue 5 female singer Quincy Akisais an afro- dancehall singer who has of recent been at the top of her game. In a few years down the road, she has released hit songs that have ruled most Ugandan airwaves. Her video of the song  ‘Me ikuma’ has caught many Music fan’s attention.

 Most of her music fans here in Kampala describe her as a queen of Afri- dancehall. When you listen to her songs, you don’t need to miss the likes of Northern Uganda exports such as Jackie Chandiru.

We sat down with her in a tell all interview. She shared with us her music journey up today.

Where and when did your music journey begin from?

I loved music ever since I was a child because my family loved music too. I started singing in the children’s choir at my church as a child then later joined  the industry as a back up artist. Most of the artists and producers I worked with gave me courage and  advice to join the industry, then one day I just got myself in the studio recording my first single, titled “the way” and here I am.

What songs made your break through?

The song that made my breakthrough was my first single on joining the famous record label “Pine Avenue 5” titled “Me ikuma”

Are your parents really in support of your music, you look so young?

Yes my parents are in support of my music though at first they weren’t in for it that much since I was still in school. But when things got hard that I can’t go back to school, I gave my music my full time attention. When I got my breakthrough, I started earning good money that helped my family.

You actually rule Northern Uganda airwaves, what inspires you?

What inspires me in music is seeing people listen and dancing to my tune, hearing them appreciating my work. It’s so motivating and encouraging because I put all my heart into writing these songs, so seeing people vibe to it is just powerful to me and gives me the heart and courage to move on.

Who actually writes and produces your songs?

I personally write my songs and I use multiple producers like Samuel Zz, Giddy beats, Zulitums, Richo , Barbie jay n others

Your kind of music cuts across  the whole generation,  do you intend to go international?

Yes of course I intend to go international. I know it’s not an easy journey but my team and I are  ready and God willing am going to make it.

Who do you actually attribute your success to?

First of all I attribute my success to God, Without him I wouldn’t have made it this far in life. Secondly my  management and team, those guys go through a lot and put in so much effort just for us to be heard out there.

I will always be grateful to them because they made me who I am. Thirdly the media eg presenters, DJ’s, etc Fourthly my fans and family, they all believed in me and supported me throughout till date. Thank u guys so much.

Are you under any management?

Yes I am under a very strong management. I am signed under a record label based in Gulu city called Pine Avenue 5.

How do you relate with your manager, how is money shared?

My manager and I have a very unique relation, this guy is more than just a manager to me, his my friend, my brother, my father , my adviser, my mentor , he is jus so easy to work with. The way money is shared, I rather prefer not to disclose.

Today we have so many upcoming musicians in It, how ready are you for the competition?

That’s a normal thing in the industry, there will always be competition but Everything has its timing so if this is my time , it’s my time and I will use it properly. I know others will come maybe even better than me but it’s okay because I won’t go down without a fight and when I say fight I mean music-ward. Am not saying I don’t want upcoming talent, of course I do because we need our music to go forward but they should come knowing things are not easy , it needs discipline, respect and hard work to get where you want to be and not giving up too.

Talk of bubble gum music, how different  is your music?

My music is slightly different because I do more of Afro-dancehall while bubblegum music is more of rock-pop. Thou both music can easily be grooved to 

Is music well paying to you?

Yes music is well paying. Especially when you are on top because the more your music plays the more shows you get meaning the more money you earn.

What is your most loved song and why,?

I can’t tell because most of my songs are loved.

Young sexy girls like you are always tricked into sex by men, how do you handle men in your inbox that hit on you?

As I said, the best way to get on top in the game is by being respectful not only to people but to yourself too. Once you respect yourself, people will find it hard to disrespect you.

Are you married yet?

I am not yet married and also not in any form of relationship. I want to focus more on my career and my studies then maybe later I can see what next.

Among our male musicians here in ug, who do you crush on?

I love and appreciate all our Ugandan male musicians but I can’t say I crush on any of them because I am more focused on bettering myself.

Tell us your new project.

My latest release is titled Muziki . It talks about love for music and dance. I have a lot of new projects coming up soon , more audios and videos.

How did covid 19 lock down affect you

COVID-19 lockdown really affected me musically, financially and physically. My team and I had a lot of projects to do which was postponed due to lockdown and this took as a step behind but we still strived hard and stayed on our ground. With no shows, our way of earning a living became so hard but of course as humans, we looked for other ways to earn a living though it wasn’t the same.

Lastly, how do you want Ugandans to know you?

I want Uganda to know me as Quincy, a Ugandan artist not Quincy the northern artist. We are all one no matter where I come from ,We are all Ugandans.


Source – BigEye.UG

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