Angella Katatumba claims she has never cooked or washed clothes in her life

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Singer Angella Katatumba has come out and revealed that she doesn’t know how to do house chores that are a routine in any ordinary household such as cooking, mopping the floors, cleaning and washing clothes.

During an interview on a local television this morning, the “Tonerabira” songstress admitted she is not a fan of doing housework and hence the reason she works hard to hire people to cook and cater for the household chores.

“I can’t lie to you I don’t know anything about cooking, mopping the house and washing clothes. For us our parents always hired chefs, maids, cleaners so I don’t know anything concerning house work,” Angella said.

Katatumba says her father raised her and taught her how to hustle including other life skills that allow her to live a life of convenience and that does not make her a bad person.

She added that it doesn’t make sense for a hard working person like her to be in a kitchen cooking for a man yet she has money to hire the chefs and cleaners.

“My father taught me how to hustle, to go out there and look for money so I am like a man. We cannot both be out there looking for money and then you also expect me to get back home and cook for you. Does it make sense?,” she said

Source – Matooke Republic

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