Gen. Lokech to NUP: Majority Ugandans made a Choice; Now they want Peace, Dignity  

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The deputy Police Chief Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech has appealed to a section of radical opposition members to respect a choice made by many Ugandans during elections, and should they disrupt their peace, the consequences are grave and regrettable.

Lokech, an experienced, battle-hardened combatant said in a statement issued Monday, that no one will be allowed to destabilize Uganda.

“We are aware of individuals and political groups that are promoting panic and fear, using malicious video footages and audios, to purposely intimidate and prevent them from going about their normal businesses or reporting for work the 4th to the 7th February 2021.

The audios and videos talk about people staying in their homes, stocking food and threatening all persons who will defy their alleged stay at home orders. The authors who are allegedly aligned to some opposition groups indicate how the protests will transition into a mass uprising including the use of external forces to attack government,” Lokech said.

He added that security got information that some opposition members are marshaling fear to rally support for street violence and civil uprising, for their selfish political advantage.

Lokech, a former Commander of UPDF in Somalia- praised for flushing out Al Shabaab terrorists in Mogadishu however, scoffed at NUP saying their efforts to destabilize Uganda are “not new to us.”

“Therefore, for politicians to spread this kind of negative propaganda across the country is trying to provoke people to incite violence.”

Lokech, assured the public that no one will disrupt their peace. “They should not be intimidated from going about their lawful businesses, because their security and safety is guaranteed.”

Lokech’s notice comes against the backdrop of IGP Martin Okoth Ochola’s warning that anyone caught disrupting peace will regret why his or her mother gave birth to him or her.

Mr Lokech, nicknamed the lion of Mogadishu said that overwhelming majority of Ugandans made their voices heard during the recent general elections.

“They now want to live in peace and dignity, without the fear of restricting their movement and uncertainty about what will follow. Many have families, others have to go to work, look for school fees, pay taxes etc and they deserve the right to live without fear.”

Lately, there have been coordinated efforts by a huge section of National Unity Platform (NUP) an establishment of Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine to portray Uganda as ungovernable, war zone, undemocratic and chaotic.

This group targets mainly foreign tourists and investors, scaring them away from investing and visiting the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda’s imagine had significantly declined abroad due to this orchestrated fake news and propaganda against government.

Authorities say this could result into crippling the economy.

Uganda earns $2 billion from tourism industry annually.

But Lokech reassures all Ugandans and visitors to Uganda, that police very robust plans to respond proportionately against all perpetrators of violent crime and lawlessness.

“All malicious plans by some opposition groups and their propagandists indicated above will definitely back fire, because we cannot allow for anarchy to prevail in our peaceful country,” he said.

Source – Trumpet News

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