URA pledges to pardon Tax Defaulters through Voluntary Disclosure

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URA’s strategic mandate, as an organization, is to lead all efforts of mobilizing revenue that will fully fund government expenditure and national development.

Over the years, the authority’s revenue collection has been growing, however, despite this growth, the country is still unable to fully fund its national expenditure and the aspirations of the people of Uganda.

Currently, the funding is at 47% of the national budget with a tax to GDP ratio of 13%, the lowest and below the average sub-Saharan African performance of 16%.

This move is in line with the Government strategic objective in the national development plan of enhancing domestic resource mobilization where all resources to run government programmes are sourced from its people.

As the flag bearers of revenue mobilization, URA has embarked on implementing a series of new resource mobilization initiatives, aimed at identifying and facilitating eligible citizens and economic players to contribute to the revenue basket and enable Uganda fully fund her expenditure.

URA is implementing two new smart business solutions, each rooted in understanding of the concerns of the business community – the Digital Tracking Solution, and the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS).

Coupled to this, is the voluntary disclosure olive branch extended to Ugandan citizens who do not pay tax, an invitation that they become part of the growing tax-paying family.

It is for this agenda that an Integrated Communication and Marketing Campaign dubbed “KAKASA; – You’re in charge” has been designed. Through the promotion of the KAKASA campaign, URA will help usher in a new approach to doing business, allowing business men and women across Uganda to take full charge of their business destiny – from production, importation, consumption and through to record keeping.

Source – Trumpet News

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