Some people interfered with the radios meant for e-learning, says Museveni as he reopens schools for Semi-candidates

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President Yoweri Museveni has announced the reopening of schools for semi candidates (S.5, S.3 and P.9). About 1.7 million semi candidates will report back to school on March 1 2021.

Museveni says they have decided to take risk in the planned way.

“Primary Seven candidates are going to finish their exams on March 31, the Senior Four candidates will finish on April 6, we thought it was wise for the next candidate classes to come in,” says Museveni.

He reveals that leaners in lower classes will continue studying through TVs, radios and internet.

“From April 6, after the candidate classes have gone away, we shall announce the detailed program for the rest of the leaners who are in lower classes,” he says.

Museveni also disclosed that some government officials tampered with the procurement of radios.

“It’s a pity that some people interfered with the radios meant for every homestead for e-leaning. I was in campaigns, I didn’t want to fight. It would have created some war, but God is there,” he says.

In November last year, parliament rejected the Education Ministry’s request of Shs336 billion to buy nine million radio sets which the government intends to distribute to homes to facilitate home learning.

But MPs heisted to approve the request after finding out that Orions Transformers and Electrics Ltd factory at Namanve, company that had been contacted to manufacture the radios has never manufactured a radio set before and only imported the samples sent to the government from China.

Source – Matooke Republic

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