31 of the 44 kidnaps that happened during elections cannot be traced—Minister Jeje Odongo tells parliament

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Minister of Internal Affairs Gen. Jeje Odongo was yesterday tasked by parliament to make a statement on the rampant kidnaps and human rights violations during elections.

Gen. Odongo told parliament that government cannot trace 31 of the 44 who have allegedly been kidnapped in the country in the past month.

Kira Municipality legislator Ssemujju Nganda tasked the minister to explain why the security forces cannot trace those who have been kidnapped yet the invested a lot in cameras.

“What is the use of cameras we installed? Shafik was kidnapped in broad day and put in a ‘drone’ vehicle. I am told some of these people have been killed and that is why you cannot trace them,” said Ssemujju.

Minister gave details of the reported kidnaps saying that some of the reported kidnaps have been investigated and seven of these were not kidnapped but formally arrested for aiding and abetting terrorism.

“So far we have 44 cases of alleged kidnap. Seven were arrested, charged and are on bail. Four were arrested, 11 resurfaced after three days and a one Fred Kiwanuka was allegedly abandoned in Busunju. 31 people are however yet to be traced as investigations continue,” Odongo said in his statement to parliament.

He added that, “I appeal to the public to report these alleged incidents of kidnap to Police. We undertake to investigate each and every one of the reported incidents.”

Long serving MP Hon Cecilia Ogwal said the public is interpreting the kidnaps as tribal since many are happening in Buganda and asked government to quickly tame the vice before it’s too late.

 “I am worried why these kidnaps are taking place in Buganda and that the next region will be the North. We don’t like the situation where people think Baganda are different. You touch a Muganda, you have touched an Acholi, a Langi or an Itesot,” MP Ogwal said.

The Speaker Rebecca Kadaga then tasked the minister to explain about the large number of guns in the hands of many people in the community yet they carried out the gun census.

Minister Odongo admited that there are many illegal guns out there which have not been documented despite the gun census in the police, army and among private licence owners.

Source – Matooke Republic

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