MUSEVENI: The actual support of NRM is 80% only that some people didn’t turn up to vote

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President Yoweri Museveni has said that it’s not easy for anybody to defeat the NRM politically in Uganda.  He said for the last 60 years before the even became NRM, they have never let anybody down in his/her legitimate interest neither within Uganda or Africa.

Speaking at the 40-year celebration of the UPDF at Mbuya barracks, Museveni said that 2021 elections results did not bring out the exact support NRM has on ground despite most of their candidates winning massively.

‘The recent elections we had as you saw, NRM won massively, I estimate that the actual support of NRM was 80% only that some people didn’t turn up to vote,” said Museveni.

He added, “The NRM and UPDF have come to be the vanguard of revolution in Uganda. These have never let down anybody internally and externally.”

Museveni said that it’s good for people to struggle if the cause is for the good of the country.

“Struggle can be different; one can struggle for bad and good things. If you are struggling for good things, it is a progressive struggle and if you are struggling for bad things, it is a reactionary struggle,” he said.

Museveni got 54% of the total votes against Bobi Wine 35% and his victory is being challenge in the Supreme Court.

Source – Matooke Republic

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