Ugandan-Indian Millionaire’s ‘Wife’ Misses Private Family Fete

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A Ugandan millionaire of Indian origin has started shaping public opinion in his favour as his wife moves to commence divorce proceedings against him.

The real estate tycoon recently held a cocktail for selected journalists whom he asked to be on his side during the tough period.

“The going is tough,” he told one of the journalists at his luxurious home in a leafy suburb of Kampala.

“But don’t listen to online media talk. You’ll always get all information from me,” he emphasised, referring to our exclusive story about his separation with his wife.

ChimpReports sent an undercover reporter to the business mogul’s home for the cocktail.

As the businessman paced up and down to ensure his guests had a memorable day, one of the curious journalists asked: “Where is madam?”

Puffing at his huge cigarette, the visibly unhappy businessman gave the excuse that “madam was hurt by a ball” as she played with friends.

“Unfortunately,” said the businessman, “she can’t be with us today.”

There was stone silence in the neatly mowed gardens. You could hear a pin drop.

This was the first time in decades that a party was being held at the wealthy businessman’s home in the absence of his wife.

The millionaire’s wife would personally welcome all guests, oversee the service and even share with them gifts such as chocolates.

“Boss (the businessman) now lives like a bachelor at the Kololo property because of separating with his wife who lives in the adjacent building,” one of the journalists remarked.

“There are chefs and house helpers who keep the mansion spotless.”

In the evening hours, according to insiders, the businessman is chauffeured out of the house to see his Nepalese girlfriend who also lives in Kololo.

Interestingly, on arriving at the residence, the millionaire’s son expressed surprise seeing the journalists enjoying expensive wines and puffing on Cuban cigars.

He wondered: “What are you guys doing here?”

Cuban cigars

The journalists were stunned to learn that the businessman’s chubby-cheeked son was not aware of their presence considering that invitations for such private functions at the posh residence are usually managed jointly as the family.

Boss’ troubles

This investigative website recently reported that the millionaire’s marital troubles escalated when he started dating a Nepalese woman.

The businessman’s girlfriend, who lives in Kololo, runs a shop at Kingdom Kampala and drives a new harrier brand car.

The millionaire’s wife recently commissioned a private investigator to collect all the necessary evidence including pictures and cellphone communications of his affair which she intends to use as grounds for divorce.

However, the couple’s son has been begging his mother to avoid divorce as it would bring down their business empire worth millions of dollars.

The millionaire’s wife is consulting lawyers to ensure the property acquired jointly is shared equally.

Legal experts who have been approached to manage the case say it could be the ‘priciest divorce’ in the history of Uganda considering the vast properties jointly owned by the couple.

The businessman’s wife also is a key shareholder in companies owning the properties in Uganda and Europe.

This investigative website decided to maintain our sources’ anonymity to protect their privacy as they are not authorised to speak to the media.

Source – ChimpReports

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