NUP will welcome any plan to remove Museveni, Sseggona

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As the opposition is at crossroads on what next after losing the presidential election, Busiiro County East legislator and National Unity Platform lawyer Medard Sseggona Lubega has said that as NUP they are happy and ready to welcome any play that removes President Yoweri Museveni from power.

Sseggona said that Museveni has proved to be the common denominator of all Ugandan problems and so needs to be forced to retirement before it gets any worse.

“Even if you hired a snake to chase President Museveni from State House, we would clap for you,” said Sseggona.

When asked why NUP and Forum for Democratic Change are failing to agree on a common strategy for the struggle, Sseggona said that the struggle has so many faces and each is allowed to freely play their part.

“The struggle has so many faces; maybe they (FDC) have adopted another face of the struggle. I know they have not given up on the struggle of getting the dictatorship out. You would rather try and fail than fail to try,” he said.

He said until the chains are broken, they will continue struggling because they joined well knowing they will not get it on a silver platter.

On their decision to go to court and challenge Museveni’s re-election, Sseggona said that 2021 is the worst election ever and for this they have a very strong case which they are likely to win.

Source – Matooke Republic

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