Blogger Titus Seruga’s family in Danger

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A social media influencer known to for his inclination to the State is under panic following threats from a section of opposition supporters who vowed to finish off his family in Uganda.

Titus Seruga, has been critical of the National Unity Platform (NUP) led by Robert Kyagulanyi, but the intolerant political actors took to social networking site- Facebook and threatened to murder Seruga’s mother-in-law who resides along Entebbe road.

“We have managed to profile you and your family. We have worked hard day and night to trace your family. We have found out where your wife’s family lives. Entebbe Road. Do you copy?” a message sent to Mr Seruga reads in parts.

The sender who uses the name Esteri Ainebyona Kainerugaba on Facebook reminded Seruga that a one Lumbuye had successfully exposed his details.

Lumbuye runs a Pro- NUP Facebook account and has been at the center of peddling fake news against government and the UPDF establishment.

Boosting of a huge following, Lumbuye recently published fake information that Uganda had slipped into genocide.

“Just Ignore NUP and leave us alone. Even if it means exhuming your mother’s body we shall do it,” a message directed to Seruga further reads.

The sender told Seruga that whatever happens to his mother-in-law he is solely responsible.

Members of NUP, after the elections engineered an online campaign to depict Uganda as a failing State, unstable and insecure.

They have been using edited graphic picture to push their narrative that security forces have since election committed mass killings of innocent civilians.

But Seruga who equally boosts of a big following on the same platform debunked their agenda which has landed him in problems.

And in the 48 hours Seruga has not posted anything, his last post was in support of President Museveni taking loans to facilitate the development of Uganda justifying the need for this credit facility.











Source – Trumpet News

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