Army Generals Arrest Ex Soldier Katwesigye over $3.8m Gold Scam

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A joint security team comprising police, the military and intelligence organs, have arrested a former soldier over a gold scam that saw an American national lose over $3.8m (Shs 13bn).

Lt Katwesigye Enoch Kyebijunga was arrested earlier this week before being detained at Special Investigations Unit (SIU) in Kireka, a Kampala suburb.

Defence spokesperson Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso confirmed the arrest but said she was yet to obtain details about the matter.

“But remember he (Lt Katwesigye) is no longer with us,” said Brig Byekwaso.

“He was with the Special Forces but left the force. And he’s always involved in such scandals.”

Former UPDF Lieutenant Enoch Katwesigye

ChimpReports has learned that Katwesigye and other suspected thugs convinced a U.S. citizen identified as Chad Alteiri to travel to Uganda and buy gold.

“Your consignment is here. This is the big box (full of gold). You can see it…” said Katwesigye in a video sent to Chad via WhatsApp.

After negotiations online, Katwesigye sent a sample of gold to Chad for testing to confirm its authenticity.

The duo later agreed to seal the deal at $3.8m.

Chad traveled to Uganda to meet with Katwesigye and his colleagues.

The duo met in Lubowa, a Kampala suburb where Chad paid $3.8m for the gold.

Interestingly, as Chad was being chauffeured to Entebbe International Airport, thugs ambushed him near Roofings.

Thugs led by Katwesigye reportedly started ransacking Chad’s car before taking away the gold he had just purchased.

Chad rushed to police where he recorded a statement that led to Katwesigye’s arrest.

It was discovered that Katwesigye has been using the names of Major General Bahoku Barigye and Brigadier Frank Kyambadde to con businessmen in gold scams.

This time round the operation to hunt and arrest Katwesigye was commanded by Land Forces commander Maj Gen Sam Kavuma and Deputy Police boss Maj Gen Paul Loketch.

Efforts to reach Kavuma did not bear fruit as he didn’t pick our calls.


Sources told ChimpReports junior military officers tried to pressure police to release Katwesigye but met stiff resistance from Kavuma and Loketch.

Security are now searching for a one Andrew Sekamwa alias Mugisha and Nasser to help in the gold scam investigation.

Andrew Sekamwa is wanted by police over the gold scam
Nasser who is also wanted by police (courtesy photos)

Investigators say such scams threaten to taint the country’s gold business.

Gold is now Uganda’s official second-largest export after coffee, according to the Bank of Uganda, and will become even more important in the years ahead.

Uganda earned 590 billion Shillings from gold exports in June 2020.

Gold exports have more than doubled since April when the country instituted a complete lockdown.

Source – ChimpReports

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