Police on using drones with no number plates: Drones come with very small number plates that always fall off on the way

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Drone is the most trending car of late not because it has invented new special specifications but rather it’s being used by security officers in the current wave of ‘abductions.’

Ugandans have gone a mile of creating a tag line for it, “Drone, gilabe ddukka” which translates that when you see a drone just run.

Police has today given an update on the investigations regarding the recent spate of abductions where they promised to release a detailed list of the people they have in their custody.

When asked why they use specific drones without number plates, Lawrence Niwabiine, Kampala’s Head of Traffic responded saying;  “When drone vans are being imported, they come with very small number plates that always fall off on the way. That’s why some of them have no number plates only though the media tends to blow it out of proportion.”

AIGP Abas Byakagaba (Director Counter-Terrorism) talking of terrorism threats said that despite the country being calm and stable, the public should be vigilant and take all necessary steps to counter the vice.

Source – Matooke Republic

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