The thunder that will strike Owiny-Dollo is still making pushups in Nigeria—Supporter reacts on Chief Justice’s Comments about Bobi Wine

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With the ongoing election petition and Bobi Wine’s demand for the Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo to recuse himself  from the petition proceedings and his response  where he stated that if anyone thinks that they can intimidate, blackmail the Chief Justice they will crash, a statement which has angered  many Bobi Wine supporters..

Many of them reminded his lordship how the courts of Uganda don’t belong to him.

“Owiny doesn’t own the courts of Uganda. The right to justice and fairness is constitutionally guaranteed. Asking a judge to recuse himself if it will be in the interests of justice is provided for by procedure. I don’t then understand why Owiny is throwing a fit unless he has a sinister motive,” commented a one  Gaffy Lomane.

Another angry social media user informed the justice of how God has been good to him .

“Justice Owinyi Dolo, God has just been merciful and lent u that authority, stop threatening us,there must be reason why there is contention on u and others presiding over this case, if you’re truly honest,recuse yourself,its the sensible thing to do rather than going on the offensive,social media is the only uncensored for a reason since you lot have almost gagged Ugandans everywhere except on social media, “ stated  the social media user.

Another user informed the justice of the wrath awaiting him.

“The thunder that will strike u Owiny odollo is still making push ups in Nigeria how dare you start intimidating of crushing my President am here to inform you that we don’t come to you as beggars we simply come there  to be served justice as our Constitutional right states so please act professional or else dismiss yourself,”stated the user.

A one Pius Augustine said that Museveni talks of crushing us then the chief justice also talks of us crashing but no amount of intimidation is going to stop Ugandans from demanding for change.

While a James Wabbi wishes the ordinary Ugandan had a say on who becomes chief justice of this country while others asked Bobi Wine to take the case to them (Ugandans) to handle it.

“I don’t know why Bobi Wine is still pushing for this Case…. Kindly Our President Elect.. Bring the Case to us the Ugandanz..we will sort it out quickly,” one user posted

Another wondered what the issue is with the big men in the government.

“What is wrong with these so called big men in the government even the Owing Dollo is also talking about crashing people just like his boss always crashes Ugandans, ok crash them until you finish them but if you don’t finish them you may not like the end result,” she posted.

Source – Matooke Republic

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