Police resumes operations to enforce curfew

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Police has resumed intensified operations for enforcement of the curfew across the country, as government further eases the lockdown with re-opening of schools for semi- candidates classes across the Country.

Police says that the non-compliance to the curfew timings has allowed for crimes to start creeping back slowly; especially simple robberies, Aggravated robberies, Theft of boda bodas and murders etc.

“Our frontline officers have been tasked to increase checks and raids to counter all violators of the curfew timings of 9pm – 6am. Most notably   are bars, discotheques, concerts and related entertainment, public gatherings of not more than 200 persons. We also are targeting motorists who are not observing the load capacity of 70% especially in taxis, mini-buses and buses as well as saloon cars,” said Police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

Enanga also disclosed that movement of trucks carrying sand, shall be disrupted due to our stop and search operations, following intelligence that they were facilitating burglaries and house breakings through the transportation of stolen house hold properties.  The suspected stolen items like laptops, computers, Tvs, fridges etc are concealed in sand and transported.

“As for bodabodas, their timing of 6pm still stands.  Therefore, all those riders and passengers who continue to take advantage of the curfew time, should anticipate, disruptions in their movements.  Some of the bodabodas switch off lights and ride under the cover of darkness, which places other road users, the rider and the passengers at greater risks,” he said.

He added that penalties for those found breaching the rules, including charging them to court for negligent acts likely to spread an infectious disease and disobedience of lawful orders under the public health controls. 

Source – Matooke Republic

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