Kabale District Passes ‘Clever’ Resolution to Avoid Project Law Suits

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Kabale district has passed a resolution that will require members whose land is needed for government projects, to first swear affidavits accepting to offer free land to government.

According to Patrick Besigye Keihwa the district chairman, this “cleaver” initiative is intended to prevent members of the public from suing the district for exorbitant sums of money.

Under the new resolution, he said, sub counties which wish to get government projects such as a road, will have to go out and convince all the project affected persons to swear affidavits surrendering their land.

The resolution comes a few months after a group of five people from Butanda Sub County and another two from Maziba Sub County sued Kabale District Local government demanding over 55 million shillings for building roads through their land.

Keihwa said that the district is currently battling about three cases in court demanding compensation which they cannot afford.

Edmond Ntimba, the Kabale Chief Administrative Officer says that the district has no money to make these compensations, and that for the cases where courts have already awarded the payments to complainants, the district will start deducting the money from the budgets of the sub counties where such complaints come from.

“Once this resolution starts working, it means that a sub county such as Maziba, if they can’t get all the project affected persons to swear affidavits, they might have to miss out on the two roads that are going to be constructed with funding from World Bank through Agriculture Cluster Development Fund,” he said.

The two roads are Rwakizuma-Mashure-Mukokye-Kahondo (20km) and Kabanyonyi-Karweru-Maziba (24km)


Source – ChimpReports

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