Museveni Warns Police on Human Rights Abuses, Corruption

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President Museveni has directed Police to stop using excessive force against suspects, Chimp Corps report.

“The police should heed my earlier communication on proper methods of arresting suspects, handling citizens and foreign guests,” said Museveni.

Museveni met with senior police officers led by Deputy IGP, Gen Paul Loketch, at State House Entebbe this past Saturday.

The remarks come against the backdrop of intense criticism by human rights groups over the mass arrests and alleged torture of opposition supporters by police and other security agents.

In 2018, Museveni listed ways of subduing suspected criminals without necessarily firing fatal shots.

These methods include police using water cannons and firing in the air to disperse rioters.

He said police must identify themselves during arrests and desist from torturing suspects.

However, security forces were not complying with these guidelines in enforcing law and order, leading to avoidable bloodshed.

President Museveni recently met with Military police leaders whom he warned against human rights abuses.

Uganda’s human rights record has deteriorated in recent months, prompting European Union and United States to mull sanctions against senior security officials.

In his lecture on Saturday, Museveni told Police: “Do not harass, beat, push or bark at wanainchi for whatever reason.”

He also guided on dealing with violent actors, saying police should follow standard operating procedures.

“For retrogressive groups and hostile crowds, the security organs are guided by the legitimate means of the security forces on how to handle them,” he said.

He, however, emphasized that police should “not let anybody threaten lives and property of Ugandans.”

The President also strongly warned the police leadership against involvement in corrupt practices.

“Corruption in the Police Force should stop,” said Museveni.

Source – ChimpReports

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