Government agencies service delivery is wanting- auditor general’s report

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In the recently released Auditor’s report, government has been advised to work on improving its service delivery standards. According to John Muwanga, the     Auditor General aside from Ministry of Health all other Ministries, Departments and Agencies and Local Governments lacked documented service delivery standards.

The report stated that the absence of service delivery standards negatively affects public service performance and accountability.

The standards according to the Auditor General are meant to provide the minimum level of service in terms of quality and quantity expected from Government by citizens.

Despite the Ministry of Public service’s issuance of establishment notices guiding entities on the process of developing, documenting, disseminating and implementing service delivery standards, the Ministry has no enforcement action to ensure that MDA and Local Governments comply.

The report advised that the Ministry of Public Service subsequently ensure that these standards are adhered to, once approved.

In the report, an accounting officer from the Ministry of Local Gov’t explained that the development of service delivery standards is still a challenge because it requires some funds which the agencies lacks.

Source – Matooke Republic

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