I represented my party well in Mawokota— Dr. Hilderman comments on why he no longer attends NUP meetings

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Mawokota North MP elect and musician Hilary Innocent Kiyaga popularly known as Dr. Hilderman, has come out and responded to NUP supporters who claim that ever since he was voted he no longer attends NUP meetings.

The allegations of how the NUP elected MPs have failed to report to the NUP offices especially since joining office have been making rounds on social media.

However, Dr. Hilderman has denied the allegations and has also lectured NUP supporters on the need to be educated upon political matters to avoid appearing ignorant.

While speaking in an interview Hilderman addressed the claims brought about from “fellow NUP supporters” who were attacking him on social media.

“I have seen my fellow NUP supporters attacking me on social media saying that I am no longer attending NUP meetings but I can’t blame them because they are ignorant. I am not a NUP spokesperson but I am requesting to talk about issues that build our party. One of the things we need to do is to prepare our fellow NUP supporters and also, ask them not to comment on the things they don’t understand because they are being wiseacres even on the things they don’t know,” Hilderman said.

He went on and explained that as they were starting campaigns in 2021, every NUP flag bearer was given a role to play and he played his role well in Mawokota North and NUP beat other political parties hands down in his constituency.

“We had a campaign strategy for our President Bobi Wine 2020 campaigns and everyone was given an assignment in his/her constituency. I was told by the President that we have to win in Mpigi and I played my role well we won in Mawokota though our fellow NUP supporters who were ignorant about our campaign plans used to attack me on social media saying I am selfish because I was not moving with Bobi everywhere,” Hilderman stated.

He also asked fellow NUP supporters to stop fighting themselves on cameras and social media and learn to solve issues in good ways if they want the Party to develop.

Source – Matooke Republic

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