What No One Tells You About Travel

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When people think about travel, all that comes to mind is excitement, thrill, fun and fear some times. It’s a true picture of mixed feelings.

But there are very many things that no one will tell you about travel. Most people just experience them once they begin traveling.

This time I have decided to pen down a few things about travel that no one will ever tell you.

Each person travels differently

When it comes to travel, each person does it differently with a handful of things they prioritize. For example some people like traveling alone, as a couple, with friends or family.

When it comes to financing the travel bills, it also differs. Some have to save a whole year others can just jump on every chance comfortably.

What some travelers may like, others may not like. For example camping in the wild; there are people that like it so much, while others may see it as some form of suffering yet they may have travelled with intentions of having the best comfort.

Some travelers like to go to all the famous destinations like Sipi falls in Kapchorwa, while others would prefer the hidden gems like Kisiizi falls in Rukungiri.

Vacation or not a vacation

Travel to many is therapy, a breath of fresh air from their daily hustle and bustles of their lives.

To others, travel is work. A good example is myself; when l travel, its more about work than having a vacation. it’s more of a routine for me as a way of getting content.

I don’t have holidays; in fact I travel more during the labeled holiday seasons.

Travel does not mean that people are partying all the time. It involves sight-seeing, hiking, game drives, forest walks, sunset chancing and relaxing.

Although some people travel definitely for partying, for instance the people who used to travel to Uganda from all over the world for the Nyege Nyege Festival which was all about partying before the COVID 19 Pandemic hit us.

Travel can become hard

Fun as travel can be, the reverse it also true. Travel can as well turn out to be something really hard like for example if you get sick on a safari, it can turn everything upside down. Climate change more so for places like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, where the climate can change at any time.

When it comes to flights, you may lose your luggage, miss your flight, have passport issues that may make your entire trip a nightmare.

For the ladies, we have to be more careful when we travel more so when it comes to security issues and be mindful of every place you visit because you don’t want to get lost in a place you don’t know well.

Social media does not show the whole picture of travel

When people look at photos on social media, they seem to think that they have seen the whole picture which is not the case.

Before you think of traveling to a place, look up for blogs, articles about travel more so about the place you plan to visit.

Know the DOs and DON’Ts of the place, try to follow them. Find people that can tell you about their experiences and plan better.

Low points

When people are traveling they can also get low points like get bored, be lonely and also miss home because you cannot travel without a home, we all have to come from our homes to travel to a place.

Home to me means safety, stability and comfort which you will definitely miss.

If you travel a lot, you may get fatigue and get really sick since your body will at one point give up. It’s not a good feeling at all.

Travel is a teacher

Travel can make you adapt to a lot of things like how to survive in different situations, live with different people, make new friends.

Some other people even learn to be confident and drop the element of shyness when they begin traveling others learn how to relate with everyone.

Travel introduces you to new places, cultures and traditions that teach you a different perception of life.





Source – ChimpReports

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