If you ask Nabilah to carry the number of men she has slept with, she can even fail to move—Pastor Bugingo

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The proprietor of House of Prayer Ministries, Pastor Aloysious Bugingo is not about to forgive Hon. Nabilah Naggayi Sempala for tabling his marital woes with estranged wife Teddy Busulwa on the parliament floor.

With Nabilah’s debt woes with Prof Baryamureeba and divorce rumors dominating the media, while preaching to his followers on Sunday at the Kikoni-based Canaan Land, Bugingo said that Hon. Nabilah is 

a prostitute who only knows how to apply make-up.

“What she only knows is to do make up on her face, she’s now in the news over cheating on her husband and when you tell her to carry the number of men she has ever slept with on her head, she can even fail to move,”said Pastor Bugingo

He also said that his waiting for Hon. Nabilah to table her adulterous habits on the parliamentary floor.

Pastor Bugingo also said that Nabilah was envious of Susan Makula, his current girlfriend because he refused to vibe her. 

“She’s really a prostitute , she was angry because I didn’t vibe  her, she took a full basket of papers to parliament  fortunately the speaker told her to shut up and leave my family issues alone, God bless the speaker,”said Bugingo

Source – Matooke Republic

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