Buganda Kingdom to start registering Kwanjula MCs

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Minister of Culture,Tourism, Palaces, and Security in Buganda Kingdom Owek. Kyewalabye Male has revealed that Buganda needs to register all Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) that work on cultural events to avoid uncustomary innovations.

The role of the MCs in cultural events especially introduction ceremonies in Buganda has become increasingly important, to the extent that depending on how witty MCs are, they can make or break your ceremony.

However, in an effort to please the audience, some MCs have gone on to add in many unconventional things in their presentations on ceremonies that sometimes go against the culture and customs of Buganda.

The Minister of Culture, Tourism, Palaces, and Security in Buganda Kingdom Owek. Kyewalabye Male has come out and revealed that anyone who works as an MC on a cultural event like introduction ceremony in Buganda without having been registered first would be penalized.

“No MC will be allowed to officiate on any cultural ceremony without being registered first and anyone caught doing so will be penalised,” Kyewalabye said in a meeting held in Mengo.

A few weeks back, the Katikkiro of Buganda Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga also expressed concern over the fact that men have adopted the unwelcome practice of changing attire during the introduction ceremony at the in-laws’ place. The Katikkiro strongly condemned that practice.

Therefore to avoid such uncustomary innovations, Buganda Kingdom has decided to register all MCs that work on events in Buganda.

Source – Matooke Republic

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