DP Opposes Proposed Tax on Car Owners

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The opposition Democratic Party (DP) has condemned the manner in which government is “imposing taxes on Ugandans,” the most recent being the annual car license tax that is proposed to be levied on every motor-vehicle operated in the country.

Reports from the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) have also indicated that Government plans to revise all motor vehicle license fees which comes on the backdrop of the amended law that will require all motor vehicle owners to pay an annual fee in a Government effort to increase revenue mobilization.

Speaking to reporters at party headquarters in Kampala on Tuesday, the DP Spokesperson Okoler Opio Lo Amanu stated that the said tax existed in past years and was removed and attached to fuel, “so whoever bought fuel, paid this tax.”

“The Democratic Party condemns the manner in which government is imposing taxes on Ugandans, the most recent one being the annual car license tax that is proposed to car owners. The said tax existed in past years and was removed and attached to fuel so whoever that bought fuel paid this tax, this subsequently caused the fuel prices to shoot up,” Okoler said.

“There are voices being heard from those that don’t own vehicles, they think it is not a matter concerning them. What they forget is that as long as one hopes to travel by a passenger service vehicle, this tax will descend on them through high transport fares,” he added.

Okoler further referred the move to “an evil that must be fought by all whether a peasant in my village of Awokei B in Pallisa who is without a car or an elite in Naguru who owns a number of vehicles.”

“This law also seeks to annually tax engineering plants, meaning whoever operates machines at his workshop will definitely be affected,” he added.

He called upon all Ugandans to approach their Members of Parliament and dissuade them from passing the said bill into law.

“The government should not milk a cow without feeding it. We are currently grappling with a public debt because the biggest part of our population does not contribute substantially to the country’s economy. This is because the Ministry of Agriculture, which is a sector that supports at least 80% of our population, is given a meagre 3% of the National Budget every financial year thus contributing less than 25% of the Country’s GDP,” Okoler said.


Source – ChimpReports

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