Government develops platform to encourage export trade

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Every season, Ugandan markets flood with different types of crop products. Efforts to commercialise agriculture in the country have been intensified so that production is maximised. More production means that the farmers can utilise the market within and outside the region.

The country produces fruits such as mangoes, pineapple, oranges, Avocado, Passion fruits, food stuffs such as the popular matooke (bananas), cassava, and maize; however farmers significantly suffer huge losses due to the limited market in the region. They are exploited by the few informed traders who purchase their goods at low prices.

To support the thriving trade related activities in the country, the government of Uganda has developed a trade information platform aimed at empowering traders with trade information. The platform avails simple step by step guidelines about the required documents for exportation of crop products and other goods.

The platform outlines steps which should be followed and all the required documents which should be acquired and costs to meet before the exportation of crop products. The system encourages trade since most of the required documents can be accessed online.

Traders can apply to get a phytosanitary certificate online. The document confirms that the particular agricultural products in a consignment are free from any pest and diseases and conforms to other phytosanitary requirements as specified from the importing country. The products are certified by the Department of Crop Inspection and Certification at the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.

To meet standards, crops should be harvested at the right time, and the post harvesting processes which include storage should be handled bearing in mind that quality is key to the international market. MAAIF ensures traceability of these products up to the source for accountability and monitoring of quality production measures.

Source – BigEye.UG

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