Exclusive: Rugunda asks Museveni to Retire him as Mbabazi plots Deadly comeback

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Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda has politely asked President Yoweri Museveni to appoint a new Premier in the next government.

Rugunda, said he is willing to pave way for his successor because he is “tired and wants to retire from a political office.”

The highly trained medical doctor appointed in 2015 replacing Amama Mbabazi wrote a letter to Museveni and also defended it verbally in a meeting held at State House in Entebbe earlier this year.

Rugunda, according to our State House feels he has failed to assert his power and consolidate his position as Prime Minister because of what the sources termed as “sects” formed within government by individuals who have consistently undermined his leadership.

“They don’t listen to him as Prime Minister. They don’t comply with his guidelines and policies,” a source said.

Rugunda wonders why for 6 years, government officials have been insubordinate to him yet they used to hold his predecessor in high esteem.

“Imagine Amama Mbabazi used to chair meetings of UPDF, those general would accord him necessary respect. But I imagine if Rugunda attempted to chair  such a meeting with those generals, the reception he would receive,” a source added.

This website understands that Rugunda admits that he has failed to bridge the gap between radical opposition wing and the government.

As a Prime Minister it is his responsibility to administer powers, manage government and opposition concurrently for the good of the nation.

“Look at Mbabazi how he would  calm the storm in Parliament brewed by opposition MPs. He would leave them certainly convinced in case there was a disagreement on certain policies,” a source added.

And as a leader of government business, Mr Rugunda oversees all ministries but what dismayed the man from Kabale is that he begs ministers to avail him reports, some ministers hand in reports at their own will, while others don’t.

“It is true he believes he has not been good enough to occupy the position. The position of the Premier requires someone very assertive yet Rugunda exudes a calm demeanor and that way he can’t run government business,” a separate source added.

For instance, on 29TH March as Museveni met Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and her rival Jacob Oulanyah in a meeting attended by the Prime Minister, allegations were raised how Kadaga has many times undermined the Premier in public.

Amama Mbabazi and Rugunda

Asked whether the allegations were true, Rugunda chickened out to pin the belligerent Speaker saying “it was not true.”

Mbabazi returning as Premier?

Museveni and Mbabazi have lately held a number of private meetings and also the latter has appeared on State House functions presided over by the President, arousing speculation that he is bouncing back in Museveni’s government.

The two former friends fell out in 2015 when Mbabazi contested against Museveni.

But they have since been repairing their frosty relations and officials in State House think that Mbabazi will be part of the next cabinet.

Another official who was close to Mbabazi when he was still the number 3 of the country revealed to this website that he (Mbabazi) is returning as Premier considering that Rugunda has expressed willingness to retire.

Many Ugandans had speculated that Mbabazi will be appointed Vice President as Museveni prepares for transition and later hands over power to him.

Asked whether it is true his boss wants to retire, Julius Mucunguzi who speaks for Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) said “I am not aware of the rumours you are referring to and the Prime Minister has not shared with me anything to that effect.”

Efforts to reach Mr Rugunda for a comment were unsuccessful by press time.

Source – Trumpet News

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