Revealed: Eddie Mutwe and Group to be Freed after Museveni’s Swearing In

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The ‘commander’ of Robert Kyagulanyi’s security team Eddy Ssebufu aka Eddie Mutwe, singer Ali Bukeni alias Nubian Li and 34 others will leave prison in May after President Museveni’s swearing ceremony.

Military officials on condition of anonymity told this website last night that Eddie Mutwe and his co-accused had planned to disrupt elections and also destabilize swearing in ceremony in case their candidate didn’t win Presidency.

“Their long stay in jail and being denied bail is decision which high-ranking officials could have taken,” a source said.

“Because security bust a master plan how they were planning to disorganized the country,” added a source.

Military recovered sharp metal objects modeled by these NUP members to orchestrate violence.

The sharp-pointed objects would be used to deflate car tyres which would ease looting and attacks on passengers and other vehicle occupants.

“Military also recovered petrol bombs and other chemicals,” said a source.

Whereas Eddie Mutwe and his co-accused deny this plan, authorities say they corroborate confessions made by NUP members who were picked from different part of the country shortly after elections.

“The whole plan was to make Uganda ungovernable,” a separate source said.

Mutwe and ilk are being tried in the General Court Martial in Makindye.

In February they had asked the army court to be released on bail since it is their constitutional right whereas some of them have illnesses.

In response to the bail application, the army prosecutors told court that releasing the group would be a security threat since they might instigate riots.

“The group was recently involved in violent protests and on arrest; they became violent towards police officers. They are therefore likely to incite protests if granted bail,” army prosecutor, Capt Ambrose Guma told Court.

The army court chairman Lt Gen Andrew Gutti reasoned with the prosecution and noted they could not grant bail to the group over security reasons.

“This court finds that if released on bail, the accused will continue acts of violence. Bail is therefore denied,”Gutti said.

The court chairman however asked the prosecution to expedite the investigations into the matter for the trial to commence and further remanded the group.

Mutwe and group were arrested in December from Kalangala and detained in Masaka during Robert Kyagulanyi’s campaigns.

Source – Trumpet News

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