Local Filmmaker Matthew Nabwiso Talks Uganda’s Film Industry, ‘Sanyu’ Series

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Local filmmaker and actor, Matthew Nabwiso, has disclosed that film in Uganda does not only benefit the movie and film industry but also generates “heavy pay” for both the filmmakers and the government.

Speaking during the MultiChoice Uganda Media Showcase held virtually Friday April 16, the first Ugandan filmmaker to win the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award said the industry is not only moving in the right direction but it is also paying lots of people in the Country.

The celebrated filmmaker, actor and director who directed and produced a local Ugandan movie series ‘Sanyu,’ commended MultiChoice Uganda for supporting Ugandan filmmakers by providing the much-needed training, the budget and the platform where Ugandan films can be showcased internationally.

Nabwiso, who started his acting career way back in 2006 in ‘The Hostel’ series, said it wasn’t easy making films back then as there wasn’t much training.

The ‘Sanyu’ actor disclosed that he is one of the beneficiaries of the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) Masterclasses which equipped him with skills in sound production, script writing, lighting, set design and video production, a thing he wishes all Ugandan film makers would attain.

Nabwiso said his skillset came in handy during projects like ‘Prickly Roses,’ ‘Bed of Thorns’ and ‘Sanyu,’ which his production house (Nabwiso Films) has made. He blamed the delay in movie and film growth in Uganda to the high costs encountered by film makers in the process of putting the movies together.

On making ‘Sanyu,’ he said, “MultiChoice had the budget, it was easy to execute it. We produced 100 Episodes for Season One and we are now shooting Season Two which will have about 200 Episodes. Sanyu has challenged the mentality that corporates don’t watch TV shows and that’s cool.”

Adding: “in the past, TVs had denied us airtime for locally made TV shows saying they wouldn’t get viewership. But MultiChoice has given filmmakers hope. Back then, you would do a project and finish it but you were not sure where to show it. MultiChoice does not only give us a platform, it also pays.”

The actor and producer called for more support in the film industry in Uganda especially from the government.

“I am very sure we are headed to the desired direction but it would really be great if we get more support for the film industry especially from our government. For sure, our people need to change the way they partake film in Uganda and mindset change is key as well when it comes to the impact of film in promoting brand Uganda,” he said.


Source – ChimpReports

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