Pastor Bugingo accuses fellow Men of God of initiating youths into homosexuality

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House of Prayer Ministries International Lead Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has accused fellow pastors of practicing homosexuality in churches.

While preaching during the weekend church service at Canaan Land, located in Makerere Kikoni, the confident and outspoken CEO of Salt Media shocked the followers when he narrated a harrowing homosexuality tale ‘happening’ in churches.

“We have got exploiters, manipulators in church messing up lives of graduates, using them as body guards. These shameless pastors gather groups of youth and initiate them into homosexuality,” said Bugingo.

He added that he’s not bad mouthing the church but rather has evidence of the Men of God taking advantage of jobless graduates.

“I’m not talking just for the case of smearing cow-dung on the church because I love my church. We have church leaders that have mobilized good looking youth around themselves to the extent that u will never see them being surrounded by ladies rather than innocent young men whose butts have been torn beyond repair,” Bugingo said.

Pastor Bugingo further called the alleged gay pastor an agent of Satan in church who attracts much respect from the flock, the government at large and cannot be defeated in the courts of law.

“He moves in a convoy and what makes me worried is that the victims of homosexuality keep praising them as Men of God. I’m revealing all this with concrete evidence given the fact that I have victims of homosexuality that I’m looking after who have been screwed by one of the renowned city pastors. I treat them, feed them and start small businesses for a living,” Bugingo stated.

The furious Bugingo also said that most good looking men who work as bodyguards to city pastors are their wives.

Source – Matooke Republic

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