Helpless Teenage Mother Asks Court to Free Remanded Husband

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Nambeyi Ruth, 18, mother to a three-month-old baby and resident of Kanyanya, Wakiso district is in tears after her husband, a taxi driver operating on the Kalerwe-Kayunga route, was remanded to Kitalya Prison after knocking a vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

Nambeyi says her husband, Wakabi Sulaiman, was arrested towards the end of March on allegations that he knocked a vehicle belonging to a judge.

“I received the information about my husband’s arrest the day I was discharged from the hospital where I gave birth. I was still nursing the wound from my C-section when the landlord chased me out of the house because I couldn’t raise money for rent,” Nambeyi narrated.

With no accommodation means, Nambeyi says she sleeps on streets and her C-section wound is rotting away from infection and lack of access to medical attention.

“I don’t have what to eat, all I feed on is the food I get from the well wishers and good Samaritans who deliver it to me on the streets where I sleep. I’m worried that my baby may get some serious complications due to the environment in which I stay,” the frustrated young mother said.

Her detained husband was the sole bread winner in the household and his absence renders them helpless.

“The last time I saw him was last week when he appeared in court (Buganda Road Magistrates Court) via video conferencing. I had hope that he would be released on bail but in vain,” Nambeyi lamented.

Adding: “I asked the Magistrate to be lenient and release my husband but this was not possible because she just adjourned the matter to another date without listening to my humble request.”

Nmbeyi is soliciting for handouts to feed her baby and seeking shelter where she can be as she awaits her husband’s release.

What authorities say

When contacted for a comment, His Worship Jameson Karemani, the Judiciary spokesperson, confirmed the matter that Wakabi is facing charges of Reckless driving and Driving without a driving licence “which are serious offences.”

“We can’t rule out the challenges she is facing but on matters of this nature, we have to follow proper legal procedures. With accused persons of this nature, Court can release them after they have produced substantial sureties who can assure his attendance wherever he is needed,” Karemani said.

He asked the relatives and family to prepare required identification documents to stand surety for Wakabi when the matter comes back to court on May 11, 2021.

Concerning a provision for issuing an earlier date for bail application, Karemani said it may not be possible since they are currently handling matters in virtual court sessions and the fixed schedule can’t be easily altered.

“Most courts use that equipment at Buganda Road Court with each having a fixed date since suspects are no longer physically brought in court.”

The Vehicle in question

Karemani revealed that after consulting their transport department, they realized that this vehicle is not part of the fleet for Judiciary as the wife to the suspect is trying to prove.

“Every Government number plate which ends with ‘J ‘ is not only used by Judiciary but the whole justice sector which has many departments. Therefore, the said car is not for any judge according to our findings.”

This matter was coming up for hearing but unfortunately, the witnesses didn’t show up.

However, according to the facts before Court, on March 26, 2021, in Kampala near Hotel Triangle along Buganda Road, the person who was driving Toyota Hiace (Taxi )UAY 783M (Sulaiman Wakabi)knocked motor vehicle registration number UG 675J.

Source – ChimpReports

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