Museveni: I chose my Cabinet just Like how Jesus picked his Disciples

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President Yoweri Museveni has said that when he was compiling the new cabinet list he was operating underground and worked alone.

He said choosing cabinet is an area where he needs no one’s assistance.

He further explained why he selected a cabinet that has sparked off debate especially his choice of Prime Minister Hon Robinah Nabbanja, who becomes the first female premier in the history of NRA/M.

Museveni said this time round he ditched the “intellectuals” and went for “fishermen” just like Jesus Christ.

“When Jesus started his movement, there were intellectuals like the Pharisees. But, Jesus went for the fishermen. So, when you see my [Cabinet] list, know that I am in the path of Jesus Christ,” President Yoweri Museveni said while addressing Parliament after the Finance Minister read this year’s budget at Kololo grounds.

“I was operating underground working alone. This is one area where I don’t need assistance. I have to look at religion, region, tribe,” he added.

Museveni chose Jessica Alup as his Vice President, Rebecca Kadaga as First Deputy Prime Minister.

In the same vein Museveni attributed the attempted assassination of General Katumba Wamala to political opponents.

“This business of people who use assignations; these are people who are not sure of themselves,” he said.

“The NRM never uses assassinations because we are sure of ourselves. Why should I kill you because you are opposing me? If I’m right and you are wrong, why do I kill you? I should preserve you so that you continue making your mistakes and people see that I am the one who is right.”

Museveni denied that neither him nor his government kills political opponents.

He cited an example of Kizza Besigye- his longtime adversary saying if he had eliminated him, he would make him popular in the minds of Ugandans.

Source – Trumpet News

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