Lockdown diaries: Woman narrates how she has started sleeping with boda guy who lends her husband bike to go and cheat!

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It’s not yet a week after President Yoweri Museveni announced a 42-day lockdown to avert the spread of Covid-19. One woman (identity withheld) has narrated how she had decided to pay back her cheating husband with cheating. After all they say tit for tat is a fair game. Read the confession that has gone viral on social media below.

My husband has this Boda guy he calls home, then leaves him seated and rides his bike to God knows where. He then returns all smelling some new perfume and glittering.

He used to do this in the previous lockdown, and I kept silent. He would even order me to give the Boda guy some food and juice. I did as I was told.

When my hubby resumed the same habit this lockdown, I got a funny idea. The Boda guy started to come looking nice, well dressed and even smelling nice.

Yesterday, without blinking, I made love to the Boda guy while my hubby was away with his Bajaj.

Shockingly, this Boda guy has game!! I can’t stop thinking about his awesome masculine power. Now I want my hubby to keep inviting him, and leaving us together.

I don’t know whether what am doing is even right or wrong. All I know is that my hubby is also smashing some ka girl called Olivia in some apartment near Bahai road.

Source – Matooke Republic

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