Owner of UBK 001A bought sleek Benz to celebrate beating Covid

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Whenever a new series of vehicle number plates is released, it makes rounds on social media as a reminder that no matter the situation in the country, some Ugandans are financially sound as more and more cars are acquired everyday.

The newest number plates are the UBK series and already memes are going round with Ugandans feeling sorry for those who have just acquired cars as the country was locked down last week and they will not be able to drive their new toys…at least for the next 42 days, unless they are essential workers.

These memes have been accompanied by the number plate UBK 001A, the very first of the series. Now the owner has come out and asked  Ugandans to stop playing with his licence plate.

The owner of the number plate is Duncan Abigaba, the Deputy Director of the Government Citizen Interaction Centre that is under State House. He says he bought his car, a sleek pearl white ML Mercedes Benz to celebrate beating Covid-19.

Abigaba decided to live life a little by splurging on the ride because while battling Covid, he realised that life is short.

“I survived death (COVID-19) and bought myself a new ride. Life is short. I saw you all playing with my number plate. JUST WORK HARD,” he tweeted.

Source – Matooke Republic

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