Cabinet to Debate Covid-19 Cash Handouts Next Week

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Robina Nabanja, the newly appointed and sworn in Prime Minister has revealed that the final decision of Covid-19 Cash handouts shall be determined by the Cabinet which will hold its first sitting next Monday.

Last week, Nabanja announced that the government will bail out Ugandans who have been affected by the lockdown with a cash handouts of the amount yet to be disclosed.

Yesterday in the meeting held at her office still, it was desolved that the Village Chairpersons will register the beneficiaries since they leave on the villages with them.

Lumumba speaking to reporters

Speaking to journalists at her office on Thursday, Nabanja revealed that the final say will be by the Cabinet.

“It is from here that we shall determine how much shall be given out and when to be distributed I know our people out there are in need and hungry but we shall speed up,” she said.

Nabanja noted that after Cabinet, the matter will be forwarded to Parliament which will discuss it too.

“Our role is to formulate plans which we did so this will seeze to be an OPM issue and become a national issue,” she said.

Appeal to Public

Nabanja who was presiding over the handover ceremony of the Ministry of General Duties in the Office of the Prime Minister from Mary Karoro Okurut to Justine Kasule Lumumba urged Ugandans to learn from popular business man Hamis Kigundu of Ham Enterprise and also donate in the fight against covid-19.

“This young man offered to vaccinate all his 5000 employees and also donated vaccines that will vaccinate 10,000 Ugandans I request other Ugandans and our dear friends of Uganda outside there to also do the same and donate,” she said.

Welcoming Lumumba at OPM, Nabanja said that the president made a right selection of the two since they have known each other since 2012 when Lumumba was the Government Chief Whip.

“We are going to work and deliver and prove my critiques wrong. With this team I don’t think we can fail the Cabinet is full of mobilizers and our main goal is to deliver Uganda to the middle income status by the end of these five years term,” she said.

Lumumba promised hard work, unity that aims at transforming Uganda social-economically.


Source – ChimpReports

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