Museveni Hails Kadaga for Accepting Lesser Position

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President Yoweri Museveni has praised former Speaker of Parliament Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga for accepting to take up a position that is considerably lesser than her previous role in Parliament

Museveni said on Thursday that Kadaga has shown a spirit of modesty and humility, which he said is often lacking in many Africans.

The president made the remarks while swearing in Hon Kadaga as First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister in Charge of East African Affairs.

Mrs. Kadaga together with a few other ministers missed the general swearing in event earlier this week, for different reasons, mostly related to Covid19 tests.

Speaking at the searing in event which was also attended by Kadaga’s mother, Museveni thanked the former speaker for accepting the new role without asking many questions.

“I want to thank her for her modesty and humility,” Museveni said.

“When I made the (cabinet) proposal, she was Speaker of parliament which is a high post…number three in the hierarchy. And although I didn’t give her all the reasons, I simply told her I had strong reasons why I wanted us to reorganize; I proposed this and she agreed.”

“Blessed are the humble for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. But you see people who are smart, that is what they do.  They are flexible. Positions aren’t the important thing; the important thing is the mission.”

Museveni also likened Kadaga to former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kwan Yew, who in the 80s, having drastically transformed his country’s economy, decided to relinquish his position to a younger leader, and decided to take up a lower position as senior minister.

“He wanted to stay in cabinet to see how things move and he remained like that till he died. This is the spirit I want to people to have, to know that it is not the position but mission. Lee died a happy man because what he was doing was continued by the young people.”

Source – ChimpReports

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