Ogwang Calls for Adoption of Data Dashboards in Key Ministries

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The State Minister for Economic Monitoring, Peter Ogwang, has mooted the idea of introducing communication/data dashboards for all government projects in key Ministries.

Because of their nature, he said, dashboards can leverage visual perception to communicate dense amounts of data concisely to drive a focus on strong performance indicators and outcomes.

“It is important that we adopt the use of dashboards for all Government projects. I will need it to be put in this office, another one shall be in the office of the Prime Minister and if possible the President should also have a dashboard in his office,” Ogwang suggested.

He made this suggestion while assuming his office on Thursday June 24, 2021.

Speaking yesterday, Ogwang said that this undertaking shall simplify the work of tracking Uganda’s economic progress and highlight areas where interventions need to be made.

“Why? It is true every financial year we appropriate money which goes to activity. It is important that we begin to track the performance of each and every fund we appropriate,” he argued.

“There are also non performing loans. We also must have a dash board which is able to track how these loans are performing, if they are not performing what should we do?” Ogwang pointed out.

He further tasked officials within the Ministry to up their game in terms of reviewing Government programmes on a quarterly basis saying many entities are lagging behind.

“It will help us reduce the audit reports which go to Parliament which in my opinion are post mortems in most times. It is us who can begin to look that there is a problem here and we begin to pin point and direct,” Ogwang warned.

On May 6, 2021, the then Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairperson Nathan Nandala Mafabi stunned the 10th Parliament while laying consolidated reports on 29 entities including the Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS) and Internal Affairs among many others.

Mafabi revealed that many of these failed to account for arrears amounting to 1.2 Trillion shillings in a period ending June 2020.

“In 2017/18, those which they could not disclose were Shs 267 Billion. In 2018/19, it was Shs 377 Billion and in 2019/20, it is Shs 644 Billion,” he disclosed.

“They (arrears) are hidden off the balance sheet and then brought the following year because maybe they have not appropriated and say we have committed arrears. That means that they have overspent beyond the approved budget but they cannot declare them so they hide them. This distorts Government accounts,” Mafabi observed.

Ogwang remarked that he is spiteful of the achievements achieved by her predecessor Molly Kamukama and that he will simply carry on the good work.

Ogwang receiving instruments of power from her predecessor Molly Kamukama on Thursday.

“I want to promise the technical team here today that I have come to continue from where my sister has stopped. And I don’t want to say that I can fit in her shoes, I cannot,” Ogwang summed.

On her part, Molly Kamukama thanked staff for their cooperation and dedicated attitude.

“I have got a lot of support from this Ministry, they are very hard working people and they work in a very difficult environment because as you have heard, if someone has missed out on a project and it is your duty to point it out, you are bound to fight so that puts them in a very difficult situation,” Kamukama noted.

The handover ceremony was attended by the Secretary Office of the President Hajj Yunus Kakande among many others.


Source – ChimpReports

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