Betty Amongi: The 100,000 is not a poverty alleviation package

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Early this week, the government embarked on the registration process of the 16 identified vulnerable groups eligible to receive Shs100,000 Covid-19 relief cash, whose disbursement is expected to start on Tuesday July 6.

The identified vulnerable groups and the set Covid relief cash was met with a lot of mixed reactions from the public, with many saying that shs100,000 is not enough. However, today while on the Big Talk show on Next Radio, the Minister for Gender Hon. Betty Amongi has said that the shs100,000 is not meant to take one through the whole lockdown.

“The Shs100,000 is not to take you through the whole lockdown. It is just to supplement someone to get his/her essential needs,” said Hon. Amongi.

Hon Amongi also stated that the relief cash is not a poverty alleviation plan.  

“This is not a poverty alleviation plan. This is to cater for people who live hand to mouth. For example, a woman who comes and buys tomatoes worth shs10,000 and makes a profit of maybe 3,000 is who were are targeting,” said  Hon.Amongi.

the Vulnerable people include;the bus and taxi drivers plus conductors; baggage carriers, wheelbarrow pushers, traffic guides and loaders in tax and bus parks, stages and other areas like Kikuubo, barmen, DJs, barmaids, waiters, waitresses and bouncers, gym and restaurant workers, food vendors in tax, bus parks and arcades, musicians, comedians, producers, promoters, salon and massage parlour employees, teachers and support staff in in both government and private schools, car washers, slum dwellers, street vendors, shoe shiners, orphans and vulnerable children.

The covid relief cash is expected to reach 501,107 households which is 38% of the households in Kampala Metropolitan Area, all cities and municipalities.

Source – Matooke Republic

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