NTV top Scribe fired for Pickpocketing Fruit vendor’s 50k

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When a celebrated TV anchor at Serena based NTV mysteriously disappeared off the silver screen, many pegged it on a cold that suggested he had picked the deadly Covid-19 Delta Variant.

The fans of the suave and debonair journalist with a niche at his beat will have to wait longer for his return.

Latest word reaching us indicates that he was actually fired by Human Resource manager after his cold and careless theft of a UGX 50,000 from a fellow staffer’s purse, which was caught on camera.

The corporate world is awash with employees who supplement their ka-meagre salary with vending all kinds of merchandize, mostly fruits.

When this particular female staffer did the rounds, vending her 3k fruits around Kampala Serena Premises, Dewinton Road and surrounding areas, she rested her proceeds in the newsroom and visited the Ladies to wipe off sweat.

Unknown to her, the bearded journo popular with high-end ladies, had a pending request to deliver Pizza.  Any money could come in handy.

He went for the kill.

He happily whistled away as he browsed favorite sports websites for latest news on Arsenal transfer news.

A source relays that a piercing alarm from the female staffer, who works in the sign language department, brought the newsroom to standstill.   “It was not the first time she was losing money,”

The matter was forwarded to the HR department and CCTV footage consulted.  Lo and behold!

The cool TV anchor, who gives off the aura of one who gorges on rich food and fine wine, was spotted digging his sausage-like fingers in the purse and picking the money.

The footage trail shows him banking the money in his socks!

With the irrefutable evidence, his Johnny Bravo frame shrunk. He muttered apologies but it was too late. He was asked to refund the money, offer a groveling apology and ‘resign’.  He is out there cold and blue!  Never underestimate the power of 50k in these Covid times!

Source – Trumpet News

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