BIZARRE: Man uses money donated by NGO to marry another wife

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The world can never get enough of bizarre behaviours as each second or minute is an opportunity for something unusual or extraordinarily strange to happen.

A one HARACHI from Nigeria, with the Twitter handle @purpleandflawed said a friend of hers works with an NGO that made the donation to the poor family. But to their disappoiment, the man used the money to marry another woman.

 “So Last month this NGO that my friend works with in Jos gave this Hausa man 100 thousand to start a business and feed his seven children better,” said Harachi in a tweet.

She explained that the NGO went to the family later to check up on them and see how its intervention has impacted the lives of the children, only to discover that it was counterproductive.

“They had gone back to find out that Oga used the money to marry a second wife. I don’t know if one should laugh or cry,” @purpleandflawed lamented on Twitter.

Source – Matooke Republic

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